Who we are

gong detail

SI.I. was founded as Smart Industries Italy in 2006, in the Friuli province of North-West Italy, a region with a long tradition of manufacturing chairs. Along with a lifetime’s experience and a passion for producing wooden products, especially chairs, its founders wanted to create a new vibrant company which respects the old traditions but also creates products which are up-to-date, competitively priced and relevant to the demands of the 21st century marketplace. Since our beginnings we have helped to furnish a huge number of contract facilities and homes worldwide. Our products bring comfort and style, enhancing the feeling for nature and respecting environmental responsibility. We mainly focus on, and are inspired by metal chairs, combined with real wood or wood derived materials. We are devoted to enhancing the Italian tradition of creating handsome products, not only in appearance, but also in quality, reliability and durability. With a production capacity of 250,000 chairs a year we are large enough to be able to handle large orders, but also small enough to be flexible. We invite you to look at our current product range, which is continuously being updated and improved in design by research and development. We are looking forward to work with you in the future as our loyal or potential customer.

Our mission

A brand can have several meanings, one of which could be a matter of a distinctive identity for a brand; it could have a pure feeling of commerce, and nothing more than this. And then, there are other meanings, too. There are things with a more ambitious demand: to become a symbol of a story, which is the mission of the Gong collection. As the sound of a bell recalls a transcendent sense which goes beyond, Gong likewise represents the collection through which SI.I (Adela) decided to express it’s own identity. Due to a firmly global market and the increasing awareness of its own needs, Gong is a collection with a youthful dynamic and creative energy, with a mixture of materials, details and lines that meet up in casual harmony, in the pursuit of the idea “dare in the right way.” Thanks to an interweaving of wood, steel and textiles, three different backs are joined to a variety of frames which provide perfect solutions for a minimal-chic taste. These frames go well together with different lifestyles; one basic feature they all have in common is the comfort of sitting. There are three simple bolts on each back whose discreet contrast stand as a trademark of the brand representing the region. Gong – going back to the basics. Exactly what design should be. Real design.

Our team